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How do you exactly become a Pediatric Nurse?

I was looking up this career online, and I'm really confused. Do you have to become a Registered Nurse first and then go into more schooling to become a Pediatrician or do I just major in Pediatrics and continue from there?

Easy Explanation:
1st course: Major in Nursing -> Become an RN! -> School in Pediatrics -> Level up to Pediatric Nurse!

2nd Course: Major in Pediatric Nursing -> Become a Pediatric Nurse!

Thank you! #pediatric-nursing #pediatrics #pediatric-nurse #career #registered-nurses #nursing

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3 answers

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Tracy’s Answer

Hello Nicole! The first step in becoming a registered nurse is finding a certified nursing school program that offers a joint Registered Nurse/ Bachelors in Science in Nursing (or RN to BSN program). These programs range from 2-4 years. It is very important you find a program that offers a Bachelors in Science in Nursing because more and more hospitals are requiring this in order to get hired. Upon completion of your school's program, you will take your Board test called the N.C.L.E.X. This exam certifies you as a registered nurse. The next step is to apply for a position! I recommend applying to hospitals that provide a New Grad Program. These programs provide intensive training to new nurses in their selected unit. It is at this stage you will select your specialty; in your case this will be pediatrics. There are no special exams or classes you need to take in order to become a pediatric nurse, you will take all the classes you need while in nursing school!
The steps I have listed so far are the basic classes, tests, and programs needed to become a Pediatric nurse; however, there are a few additional things you can do to help move the process along! I recommend you volunteer at your local children's hospital. It also is very helpful to get an entry level job at a hospital or any other medical facility (secretary, nurses assistant, medical assistant). Taking these steps will put your foot in the door for when you are ready to start applying for jobs!

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Christina’s Answer

First you will need to go to an accredited nursing school, and get a degree in nursing. Then you can do a few different things including take extra courses to get more knowledge about Pediatrics. Find a program at a local hospital that offers an internship for newly graduated nurses in pediatrics. Another way is to network with other nurses during your oediatric rotation, and get them to recommend you when you apply post graduation. In all actuality, you do not need any extra credentials to become a pediatric nurse, but positions may be harder to get for a new, unexperienced nurse. I myself was an adult neurology nurse for 5 years, and transitioned into pediatrics without any prior experience. After working in pediatrics for 5 years, I was able to get my pediatric nurse certification, which looks great on a resume. I hope this helps.

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Hannah’s Answer

To be a pediatric NURSE: Take plenty of biology and some chemistry in high school. You'll need it for anatomy and physiology, as well as pharmacology later in college. Enroll in a college nursing program, either 2 or 4 year. 4 year will give you more opportunities later in your career. Choose pediatric rotations for your clinical experiences while in nursing school. Apply for pediatric nursing jobs once graduated, using connections made during your clinical rotations, and stressing your clinical pediatric experiences.


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