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Seeking an internship for the summer

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I am a sophomore majoring in Accounting/Finance, and I have previously studied Accounting in my high-school but with IFRS. I was awarded 2 national awards under Accounting by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) board when I gave their examinations. GAAP is similar, and I do have a bit of experience in GAAP as well since I have taken relevant courses. I am looking for internships in NYC for Summer 2018! So what are the best possible ways to land a summer internship and where to look for them?

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Hey Nimit! What exactly are you hoping to hear from Professionals on CareerVillage.org about? Where to look for good summer internship opportunities? How they went about landing summer internships? What the best summer internships are? I recommend editing your question to include a specific question for Pros so they exactly how they can be most helpful to you! Good luck!! Lindsey Manning-Djabbari BACKER
Thank you, and yes I edited my question to be specific! Nimit J.

2 answers

David’s Answer

Hi Nimit! Congrats on those certifications!

Often, larger companies will have a specific section of their website dedicated for interns. I would recommend identifying some companies in NYC that interest you, and then seeing if they list any available internships on their website.

(There's usually an intense interview process, so I definitely recommend finding people that you know at that company and asking for a referral.)

For example, I work at Salesforce. While we're HQ'd in San Francisco, we have a New York office. Here's our webpage for college students: https://www.salesforce.com/company/careers/university-recruiting/
Hi, Thank you so much for your reply. I have been checking many companies and their opportunities, but it is a bit difficult to get responses from them. I do not know many people who work at those firms so getting recommendations is extremely difficult. Do you think I should do anything else? Thank you for the link as well. I will check it out. Best, Nimit Nimit J.
Hi Nimit! I would see if anyone you know on LinkedIn is connected with people at companies you are interested in. You could also cold-email people asking for an informational interview. The best way to get connected in a large company is through an existing employee. Spending effort getting connected to an existed employee is well worth it! David DiGiammarino BACKER
Hi David, Thank you so much for your advice. Yes, I have been checking on LinkedIn. I initially had tried cold-email but I got no response at all so cold-email has been difficult for me to get a response back. I am going out to networking events and meeting new people and making connections which would help. Do you have any other suggestions? Best, Nimit Nimit J.

Danielle’s Answer


Hi Nimit,

I would recommend visiting the career center at your school. Many colleges have a database of job and internship opportunities that you can filter through to find what best matches your career goals. This is how I found internships in college, which eventually led to a full time job offer at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC). I would also recommend speaking to your professors, because sometimes they have connections at companies and can help you through the application process. There are also a few websites than help college students find available internship opportunities, including https://www.wayup.com/ and https://www.youtern.com/. Best of luck!

Hi Danielle, Thank you for your response. I landed and completed an internship at Deloitte. It was an amazing internship experience. However, I am trying to get into Advisory or Consulting, so I am actively looking for such opportunities. I will definitely talk to my professors and check the links you sent. I appreciate your time and consideration! Best, Nimit Nimit J.