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How do I know what career is right for me?

I'm lost on finding what career I should go into, I know I'm interested in #psychology but I don't think I want to be a #therapist or #counselor.

Hi Corinne! I think your question is something that literally every person will ask themself at some point in their life, so don't beat yourself up for this. Also, I think you should entertain the idea of never really knowing this, sounds counterintuitive but it will come to you as you begin to just pursue some interests and not worry about this so much. I say just choose psychology if the courses sound interesting to you. Email teachers or professors you may know to ask them what you can do if you decided to go this route. Trust me, there is way more than being a therapist or counselor in psychology. For example, maybe you can be a researcher and contribute to the ideas already in the field. That's just one idea, but ask those who are already the field. Akaisha C.

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Nancy’s Answer

Corinne, studying psychology can help you prepare for other types of work than counseling or psychotherapist.

Developmental psychologists can work in schools. Organizational psychologists can work in business and industry. Experimental psychologists do research. Many psychology majors go into human resource management or marketing because knowledge of people is good for business and organizations. Social psychologists study people in groups.

You can take psychology and major in it or something else you are interested in.