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What classes did you take to become a technical engineer, or what classes would you recommend?

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I am asking because I am currently taking many classes that involve math and that i think would be good to be a technical engineer but i am uncertain as to wether they are all i need or just some of what i need. Thank you for taking the time to read this and answer. #engineer #classes #technical

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Hi, good question....I found this link to KSU engineering degree plans and college prep...they show a lot of courses that are suggested to take in preparation for college and while in college. This will give you an idea of what courses to take while in HS.

Suggested College Preparation in Math

The degrees shown earlier in this section are conferred on completion of the prescribed curricula. The letter that precedes each curriculum indicates the suggested high school math courses that students should have completed.

(A) One unit of algebra, or one unit of geometry, or a unit involving the combination of these, or approved substitute
(B) One unit of algebra
(C) Two units of algebra
(D) One unit of algebra and one unit of geometry
(E) One and one-half units of algebra and one unit of geometry
(F) Two units of algebra, one unit of geometry, and one-half unit of trigonometry

Good luck!

thank you for taking the time to answer my question i now feel that i am more likely to succeed Sinue D.
thank you Gary Wesley H.