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how can i make money at 14?

how can i learn to make money and get a job im 14 im a guy trying to be a bartender and a casino dealer i like to work out shuffle my cards and watch youtube i have no inspirations

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1 answer

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Michelle’s Answer

Hello, Jeremiah !

It is good that you have asked us for ideas that can help you with inspiration for a career. You have expressed two things that you enjoy that can easily be turned into fulfilling work.

You can work in a casino once you turn 21, because that is the legal casino age in Florida. Online casinos, Online Sports betting and Online Poker happen to be illegal in Florida, however. Horse Race betting is 18 and older, though. So now that we have all the legalities and ages in place and you're fourteen years old now, let's see how you can do this when you're 21, the career as a casino dealer. You will need sharp math and customer service skills. You do not need any schooling for this career, but you can look on line for any Dealer courses that may be offered if that's what you'd like. You will be trained on the job at the particular casino that hires you. Sometimes you may have to take a position other than a dealer and work your way up to that. Keep practicing card playing with your friends and family and look further into whether or not you need to go to casino school, at what age and if you need certification in your state for it.

You've also asked about getting a job at the age of 14. Talk with your school about getting working papers. I have left a link below to Hire Teen which lists job openings in your town. Although it is a teen website, teen can mean 17 or 18 or 19 so I would suggest applying to anything that seems interesting to you. Try this for several months and also go around your local area to inquire in person if they hire people in your age range. This can be the most direct way you can find out, so you need to do leg work and invest time in random job applications. No one can exactly tell you "how to make money" because it will be up to you to take the steps. That includes actively applying for work. Contact your town hall to ask if there is a summer youth employment program, also. If there is, they usually serve your age range.

Since you like working out and going to the gym, consider a career plan goal of Physical Trainer. You can research this easily on line.

So these are some things to think about. Start applying for jobs, keep practicing your card games, do research about a career in Physical Training and look into youth opportunities for employment in your town. Read up on everything you are interested in as that will sure begin to muster up some inspiration ! Best wishes to you in all you do !

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