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how much time is needed to get at least one unit done on making a shirt?

Asked Berlin, Massachusetts

answers appreciated #entrepreneurship #clothing

3 answers

wu’s Answer

What type of shirt? And what's one unit? You need to provide more information, and if it is a simple T - shirt, it also needs all aspects of the process, including design, materials, and so on.

Punit’s Answer

Updated Berlin, Massachusetts

I'd say do a quick test by submitting you design to cafepress. It's a good way to see how long it takes and if people start to buy your shirts you can look into getting it made afterwards for a lower cost!

Conor’s Answer

Updated San Francisco, California

What type of shirt? And what's one unit?

You'll have to give some more specific definitions here...and by the way I doubt most of the answerers frequenting this site will have deep insights into the garment manufacturing industry :-p

I'd try searching using Bing or Google with clothing keywords like "time to make one shirt factory" "assembly time one shirt China", etc.

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