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What is a typical website designer’s daily life like?

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Tony’s Answer

If you are a web designer then you might spend a lot of time thinking about the look and feel of the website. You would try to design a site that feels intuitive and is easy to use while providing a great user experience. These types of roles are usually categorized as user experience designers, but you will most likely see the roles advertised as UX developer/designer. Depending on who you are designing the site for, you will meet with business partners, customers, and users to get a better understanding of what hey are looking for, which we call requirements. You will then try to meet these requirements while adhering to some standards, usually interface design standards like Google's material design.

These UX designers will then build mock ups and provide them to the UI developers who then code out the site according to the specifications. A UI developer is much more focused on meeting the requirements by building out the mocks using some frameworks.

So to summarize, typically, your daily life consists of gathering requirements, building mock ups, meeting with business partners and customers to design a universally usable site that meets the requirements given to you that you feel your UI developers can put together. This goes the same for Web designers and Mobile app designers. Your mock ups and design standards will change depending on the platform(web vs mobile).

I am a Full Stack Software Engineer and I interface with UX designers to try to figure out the best approach to creating beautiful, usable and efficient user interfaces that meet industry standards while trying our best to give our users the best experience possible.

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Cuong’s Answer

Web designers are essentially UI/UX designers, since it's the web designer's job to create the look and feel of the website, meaning, they give the user experience by giving them the user interface. Typically, if you work for with a client or a company, they would like to see some draft, such as wireframes and mockups. I have done about more than one when creating websites. I usually create a mock up first, give some reference from other sites that could potentially look like, then from there, you start writing in HTML and CSS, to find the layouts of each page. When you're done laying out with HTML and CSS, look into JavaScript or PHP that could provide the customer or client a good navigation and easy to use for them.