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How do i know what career path is right for me?

Updated Kansas City, Missouri

I want to be a RN, but at first i wanted to be a pediatrician because i love working with kids. I also want to party plan , that's why i changed my job from a pediatrician to a RN because i think i could manage party planning an being RN. #nursing #pediatrician #knowledge #event-planning

2 answers

Jason’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Hey Dajanae, This is such a great question. You are already off to a great start with identifying your career path because you started with where your passions lie. The career path that is right for you is one that can incorporate your passions, skills and the impact you want to make in the world. Remember that you can also work and volunteer: maybe that means party-planning for a career and volunteering with kids or vice versa! Also, try to think about the ways in which you can contribute your most authentic self to what you want to work on.

Thank you!

Jared’s Answer

Updated Columbia, Missouri

You can also be a pediatric nurse if you wish to blend your pediatric and nursing interests. The nursing field is very wide open and fairly flexible with what types of departments you wish to work in. You don't have to specialize in pediatric nursing in nursing school. You only have to graduate nursing school and apply for pediatric/neonatal/pediatric intensive care/neonatal intensive care/labor and delivery, etc. I am not a pediatric nurse but i know pediatric nurses. For nursing school itself, as long as you met the prerequisite classes for nursing school, it is two years of challenging and time consuming school. It is not medical school but it is very demanding for those two years. To be a pediatrician (disclaimer: I am not a pediatrician or physician) it is four years of undergraduate school, four years of medical school, and a few years of residency. I hope I answered your question adequately