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How do you improve your skills as an esthetician?

Over time, what techniques did you use to improve your skills with clients?

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1 answer

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Anasa’s Answer

Hi Daena,

Great question!

To improve as an esthetician, I recommend the following:

- Take Advanced Courses:
Attend workshops or courses to learn new techniques and treatments.

- Get Certified:
Obtain certifications in specific skincare areas you're interested in.

- Stay Updated:
Follow beauty trends, new products, and technologies in skincare.

- Practice Regularly:
Consistent practice helps refine your skills and gain confidence.

- Listen to Clients:
Pay attention to client feedback to understand their preferences and needs.

- Mentorship:
Seek guidance from experienced estheticians. Learning from mentors can provide valuable insights and shortcuts to success.

- Use Online Resources:
Watch tutorials and webinars for additional learning opportunities.

Remember, improvement comes with a mix of learning, hands-on experience, and guidance from experienced professionals.
Thank you comment icon Although I'm in a completely different field, Anasa was spot on! Love it :) Jhenai Roble