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daena Dec 11, 2023 333 views

How do you improve your skills as an esthetician?

Over time, what techniques did you use to improve your skills with clients?

daena’s Avatar
daena Dec 11, 2023 316 views

How long did it take you to finish esthetician school?

The time that you were at school, did you enjoy the work and being in that industry.

daena’s Avatar
daena Dec 11, 2023 720 views

What made you want to become an esthetician?

Where you always passionate about being in this industry?

Davianna’s Avatar
Davianna Dec 11, 2023 1061 views

Hi I was wondering what the best path to become a nurse midwife would be? Also what's the difference between a nurse midwife and a regular midwife?

I'm 16 years old and I really want to become a midwife or a nurse midwife, but I don't know where to start. I'm in HOSA currently but it's not really helping. Any advice?

Nevaeh’s Avatar
Nevaeh Dec 11, 2023 499 views

Is it hard to go through nursing school? Is community college less distracting than a university ?

I’m in 12th grade and plan on going to college for nursing but I really need to know what to expect so I can be mentally prepared I also decided to go to a community college because I didn’t want to be distracted and I also didn’t want to be in debt

Ayomide’s Avatar
Ayomide Nov 05, 2023 1137 views

How to become a Manager?

I want to know about it

Jenasie’s Avatar
Jenasie Nov 01, 2023 488 views

How do I start my college essay?

I’m a 11th grade student, I’m trying to start my college essay asap but don’t know where to start. I would like if anyone can give me advice!!

sav’s Avatar
sav Oct 24, 2023 562 views

Why do universities cram so many courses into four years for music majors?

I’m applying to university to major in music education, and I’m looking through course pathways. I’ve heard from many people that the music program is like a five year course stuck into four years.

chris’s Avatar
chris Oct 24, 2023 618 views

how is being a doctor hard?

i heard that it is bard

reagan’s Avatar
reagan Oct 22, 2023 424 views

Should I let my lifestyle goals dictate my choice of healthcare career?

For example, I want to go into surgery, but I'm worried I won't have enough time to commit to my family. I am also interested in pulmonary medicine, but I'm not sure if I will like it as much.

hay’s Avatar
hay Oct 22, 2023 934 views

What are the best fields of law to go into for someone who enjoys politics, but also enjoys studying criminal cases?

However, the idea of defending a criminal does not sit right with me, and having a criminal get out of jail come after me for prosecuting them is also nerve wracking.

maria’s Avatar
maria Oct 20, 2023 493 views

How is that you choosed what you wsnted to do How did you do it? Why did you choosed what you choose??

I am a 9th grader in a pre collegiate school

Marii’s Avatar
Marii Oct 20, 2023 344 views

Any tip on starting a business in high school ?

I’m a 9th grader and I want to start a business while in high school any tip or steps on how to go about it

Seraniti’s Avatar
Seraniti Oct 17, 2023 198 views

Is it easy to be a nurse?

Nursing school interested

Owen’s Avatar
Owen Oct 17, 2023 1043 views

What classes did you take in college to become a professor?

What majors can you take in college to become a professor?