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How can I be successful in college and live up to my potential?

I'm asking because I recently began dual enrollment. I am trying to be successful in both high school and my college night classes. I am struggling and could use some tips on how to better my time management and success skills. #studying-tips #success #college #dual-enrollment #academic-advising

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3 answers

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Leahanne’s Answer

Charlye, Wow, you should be very proud of yourself for taking on such a challenge. To answer this question, you need to be clear on what success means to you. What does that look like, and be very concrete. Is it straight A's? Is it a certain GPA? What do you mean by your potential? Does that mean only academically or as a human being? I imagine there a lot of other things that you're called upon to do in your life beyond school work, and so you need to figure out where those fit into your definition of success. Are they important too? Will they take a backseat to your academic goals, or do you want all these pieces to fit together into an overall picture of success?

If it's the latter, you may need to adjust your academic goals accordingly. So, for me for instance, because I'm a mother and I work, a 4.0 grade point average would probably not be a realistic goal and not one that I need to feel successful. I might determine that a 3.0 is adequate in light of my other priorities and commitments I have in my life. But that's in individual decision each person needs to make based on their own priorities. Once you know what those are, you can then measure your achievements against those and then you decide and ONLY YOU decide if you're a success or not. Good luck!

Leahanne recommends the following next steps:

Determine specifically what your definition of success looks like for you.
Determine how your priorities align to fit into this picture.
Measure yourself against your definition, no one else's.

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Serge V.’s Answer

Hi Charlye,

If you want to be successful in college, just stay focus on your goals. If you want to maintain a certain GPA, you have to commit to you studies. This will give you options once you graduate if you want to further your education. You could do anything you want in college but you have to fully commit yourself.


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Simeon’s Answer

The most important thing to do priority-wise is look at the syllabus for the classes and figure out which grades have the most point value. This isn't a really accurate number, but imagine the percentage value of a grade being the amount of minutes per week you should spend studying for a test. So if a test for a class is thirty percent of the class's grade, study for it at least 30 minutes a week, even if the test is much later on in the school year. You don't want to work yourself dry on assignments that don't have much in terms of point value. In general, if you turn all assignments in and pass your quizzes, you've done enough on those items and should spend the rest of your weekly time on studying for tests and writing papers. Also, check out the study app Quizlet; it's got a lot of helpful free resources.