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Should I go to a big college?

Updated Eatonton, Georgia

I’m stuck between two colleges. I don’t know if I want to go to a cheaper college which is big or a smaller college which is expensive. #college #college-admissions #life-transitions #financial-planning #college-selection

2 answers

Jacob’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

Hi, Alexandria,

While a degree from a prestigious college or university certainly helps, the incremental advantage it provides is probably not as significant as you would think. In my experience applying for jobs, employers are far more concerned with who you are as a person and the experiences you have had than the title of the school on your diploma. With that said, doing well in whatever program and whatever school you choose is extremely important. A significant portion of employers have minimum GPA requirements when considering applicants for a position.

My advice to you is to thoroughly research the schools you are interested in and pick whichever one is the best fit for your career aspirations and personality. Putting yourself in the best place where you will grow academically and as a person will make you a far more attractive employee than if you were to choose a school simply for its prestige. I thought I knew what my dream school was and couldn't wait to start there until my plans came grinding to a halt when I wasn't accepted. In fact, I didn't get in to my top three choices. As it turns out, that was the best thing that could have happened to me. The university I attended was the perfect fit for me and I had an incredible experience there. Don't get lost in how other people view the schools you're considering. Do what you think is right. After all, how much you enjoy your college experience and how much you get out of it are entirely up to you.

I hope this helps - good luck!

Kara’s Answer


Does the school you're looking at specialize in the degree you're looking to get? Some schools offer more support, regardless of size, in their individual colleges, than others. I went to school for Electrical Engineering and did so at a large university. The college of engineering itself wasn't too overwhelming after the initial "weed out" classes, and they offered great support in terms of finding an internship that paid reasonably well and gave me great exposure and allowed me greater opportunities to pick which job I wanted when I was done. I do think smaller universities also have their benefits, but don't necessarily overlook a larger one. There's likely to be help and guidance in those schools as well.