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Best Registered Nursing programs

I am seeking the best Registered Nursing programs. #nursing #registered-nurses #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

Wanda, there are many great nursing programs in the East coast. Perhaps look into Boston, Maryland (John Hopkins), etc. I am from the midwest and I can tell there are also lots of great nursing programs as well. If you're interested in the midwest area...there's Loyola University, University of Illinois (Chicago Campus), North Park University, Rush University, Northern Illinois University. Michigan also has great nursing schools such as GVSU, Aquinas College, Michigan State, University of Michigan to name a few. Good luck in your search. Angela Redito Ichinose

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2 answers

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Suzanne’s Answer

Hello Wanda,

I am so sorry your question has been neglected for so long!
Please review the below websites for listings of the best nursing colleges on the East Coast.
As you investigate each school, look into their board pass-rates, assistance with tuition/fees, and possible assistance with job placement. The US News and World report listing is highly valued amongst all institutions nationwide. I am hoping you find this helpful.



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Katherine’s Answer

I have gone to both a top ranked nursing program and one that was ranked as average. Rankings aren't everything and my average ranked graduate program deserves to be in the top 5 in my opinion. I would strongly advise that you rank what is important to you and then see what programs best suit your needs. For example, when I went to graduate school, I wanted it to be affordable, have small class sizes, and above average availability of practice clinical hours. It was of course accredited, which is also vitally important. My undergraduate program thankfully came with a generous scholarship, but if it had not, the cost would not have been worth what I got in return. My level of preparedness was extremely similar to my other colleagues who had attended schools with a more "average" ranking, and my pay was no higher.