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what kind of schooling is needed to become a nurse?

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5 answers

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Lisa’s Answer

Hi Michaela H.!

LPN typical in apprx a 10 month program

RN you can do either:

2 year Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN)


4 years for your Baccelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)

Either Degree you will have to take the NCLEX-RN exam (you take this exam after you graduate)

So what's the difference?

Some people get their ADN 1st then enter the work force earlier.

Also some companies offer tuition assistance to help pay for your BSN if you want to continue your education.

BSN opens more doors for you. The BSN often times can advance into management jobs, leadership positions, specialties and research.

How about pay?

Well, not much difference usually . Few dollars.

I can tell you my story: I went to community college for my ADN. Got a job in Urgent Care as a RN which offered a pretty good tuition reimbursement program so I did go on to get my BSN. From there I was able to accept more responsibility as a BSN (Charge Nurse and was able to sit on various commitees and provided training). I also move onto the ER and eventually finished my education out with my FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner) which is another 3 years of college and you end up with MSN (Masters Degree in Science).

Either way nursing has been wonderful for me! If you decided to go this route best of luck its worth every second in the books!


Lisa recommends the following next steps:

Research the difference between ADN and BSN on salary.com for your area

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Rachel’s Answer

One of the benefits of nursing is that you can choose to complete school to become a CNA, an LPN, or an RN. All require different amounts of school and vary in how competitive they are. However, all will allow you to enter a rewarding and challenging field and work with patients on a daily basis.

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Richard’s Answer

You need a 4-year bachelor's degree in nursing to become a registered nurse.

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Estelle’s Answer

It depends on what kind of nursing school you choose. It also depends and whether you choose to go on to become a nurse practitioner or a nurse anesthetist. As a generalization, the more training you have the higher your salary will be. You probably need to determine what your area of interest within nursing is.

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Cinthya’s Answer

Agree with Lisa’s answer.

Keep in mind that most acute care hospitals are only hiring BSN nurses or higher degrees. 80% of all nursing should be BSN or higher.