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Computer Engineer or Automotive Engineer?

Updated Kansas City, Missouri

I enjoy the concepts of both computer and automotive engineering, but I don't know which one to choose as my career. What are some things that I should look at when making my final decision? What are the benefits of choosing one over the other? Is there any way to combine the two in order to truly enjoy what my future career?

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2 answers

Justina’s Answer

Updated Hagerstown, Maryland

A lot of automotive components are computerized. Maybe take a look at systems engineering which is a holistic approach to engineering that combines many different disciplines to ensure an overall design follows sound engineering practices. Alternatively, you can earn a double major and/or a minor.

Rob’s Answer

Updated Towson, Maryland

I think you should look at a combination of both! In the next decade there will be a huge market for converting industrial vehicles like long haul trucks (think tractor trailers) so that they can drive themselves. Someone who has studied the appropriate fields in computer science and automotive engineering will be highly sought after to help design systems that will allow these vehicles to drive themselves. Companies like Peterbilt will also be hiring engineers to help design the next generation of automated trucks, buses, taxis, etc.