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Katie’s Avatar
Katie Jun 05, 2015 2167 views

What kind of careers can I get in the technology field?

I am in 9th grade and I have a tech class that I like a lot. I was thinking about careers and wanted to know what kind of careers there are in that field. I am good with computers and I have 8 Microsoft certifications. #technology #tech

Willy’s Avatar
Willy May 23, 2015 1267 views

How to become a car designer in USA

I mean I'm from Taiwan but I don't have enough money to study abroad, so can anyone tell me how to be a car designer even though my nationality are Taiwan(ROC).By the way,I'm really interested in car and always feel excited about things realated to cars, can anyone support my dream, or tell me...

Ramon’s Avatar
Ramon May 07, 2015 1582 views

How hard is it to become a doctor?

I want to find out how long it takes and what is considered bad doctor and which mistakes are most common in the practice. #doctor #medicine #surgeon

Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra Dec 16, 2014 1071 views

If I majored in Biology and Minored in Environmental Policy and Decision Making, what sort of careers would come out of this education?

I am a high school senior trying to decide a major for college. I love to read and write, and to explore the scientific world. I hope to learn more about biology in general and the environmental sciences. Once I leave college, I want a career that connects people to their environment. #science...

Patryk’s Avatar
Patryk May 18, 2015 1178 views

I would like to become a civil engineer. What are some could colleges that major in this ?

I am a 10th grader from Massachusetts and I enjoy math. I am interested in becoming a Civil Engineer. #math #civil #civil-engineer

Dario’s Avatar
Dario Mar 07, 2015 1768 views

What certificates should I pursue or what title should I look for to be a computer support specialist

I'm studying computer engineering and I'm starting to wonder if I made a stupid decision because I want to help people with computer hardware and software problems, which at first I studied pc architecture and one of my courses is based on networking, learners routers. I Thought getting a...

Patryk’s Avatar
Patryk May 18, 2015 1177 views

How much does a student straight out of college make as a Civil Engineer?

I am a 10th grader from Massachusetts and I enjoy math. I am interested in becoming a Civil Engineer. #math #civil #civil-engineer

Jacqueline’s Avatar
Jacqueline May 27, 2015 1476 views

How can someone decide to go to a private or public college/university?

I know the major difference is tuition and fees, but what are some other advantages and disadvantages of both public and private universities/colleges. #college #school #professors #college-graduate #undergrad

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin May 18, 2015 1441 views

What possible careers could I pursue which allow me to create games and connect people online through those games?

I love to play Diablo. I enjoy how it connects people and creates opportunity to share information for a common good while still creating a sense of enjoyment even if you're with people that you may not know personally. I was curious as to what possibilities are available for me to help...

Aiden’s Avatar
Aiden May 14, 2015 1256 views

What do I do after high school if I want to be a pilot? Should I still go to college?

Hallo! My name is Aiden and I am a sophomore at Summit Prep #college #high-school #travel #flying

Paulina’s Avatar
Paulina Mar 23, 2015 1522 views

What kind of jobs are available after graduating with a degree in biology?

I am asking because I am interested in biology but I don't know what jobs are out there for me. #science #biology #scientist #biomedical #biologist #anatomy

Bryan’s Avatar
Bryan Nov 25, 2014 1272 views

What do biomedical engineers do and is it a good profession to get into?

Hello I am a junior and I have always wanted to become an engineer and while I want to go into mechanical engineering, I am still unsure about what specific field of engineering I would like to work in. I have heard good things about biomedical engineering but would like a professional view of...

Prerna’s Avatar
Prerna May 15, 2015 1287 views

Sir, i am having my class 12th this year with pcm + computer as subject. i am very much interested in the fields related to computers(specially IT). I want to have my career in this field. but i am really confused as i am an average student.

I have not prepared for exam such as IIT so m confused that wether i will be able to succeed in this field. nd what will b my salary, nd which degree should i opt for.? plz ans my queries. #computer-science #engineer #computer #it #developer

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Curtis May 11, 2015 1194 views

How would I start a business to be competitive with Gamestop?

What schooling could put me at top of game trade/buy/sell companies?
I know how I would want my company: tournaments, energy drinks, coffee, pizza (maybe), Lan party capabilities, and would buy/sell/trade video games. #business #education #video-games #games #owner

Darlyn’s Avatar
Darlyn May 04, 2015 1596 views

What classes or requirements must be met to get into medical school ?

I am a high school senior and am quite interested in studying medicine. #medicine #pre-med #premed