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Bryan Q.’s Avatar
Bryan Q. Nov 25, 2014 1003 views

What do biomedical engineers do and is it a good profession to get into?

Hello I am a junior and I have always wanted to become an engineer and while I want to go into mechanical engineering, I am still unsure about what specific field of engineering I would like to work in. I have heard good things about biomedical engineering but would like a professional view of...

mechanical-engineering engineering

Sierra N.’s Avatar
Sierra N. Dec 16, 2014 785 views

If I majored in Biology and Minored in Environmental Policy and Decision Making, what sort of careers would come out of this education?

I am a high school senior trying to decide a major for college. I love to read and write, and to explore the scientific world. I hope to learn more about biology in general and the environmental sciences. Once I leave college, I want a career that connects people to their environment. science...

earth support environment biology

Jorge  N.’s Avatar
Jorge N. Feb 18, 2015 805 views

Computer engineering high school class suggestions

Hello, I am a sophomore in high school and I will be entering my Junior year in the fall. I want to chase a career in computer engineering and I want to know what classes you suggest I take in preparation for my college years. Thank You for reading. :) college computer-engineering...


Karen L.’s Avatar
Karen L. Feb 25, 2015 1124 views

What does it require to be a creative director?

Hello, I am a junior in high school. I am interested in the fashion and business careers and I really like to interact with people. I am a good communicator and I was wondering what exactly do you need to be a creative director and if this is a possible career for me? Thank you! business...

fashion creative-director fashion-design creative director

Jorge  N.’s Avatar
Jorge N. Feb 25, 2015 963 views

Computer Engineer or Automotive Engineer?

I enjoy the concepts of both computer and automotive engineering, but I don't know which one to choose as my career. What are some things that I should look at when making my final decision? What are the benefits of choosing one over the other? Is there any way to combine the two in order to...

automotive cars computer-engineering advice

Dustin M.’s Avatar
Dustin M. Feb 26, 2015 751 views

What steps can I take to begin my process of becoming a successful engineer?

I am a junior in high school. I am starting to look at colleges and also trying to figure out what area of engineering I would like to major in. I want to be the best at my craft and not just average. I would just like to know what steps I could take to becoming one of the best. engineering...

architect pre-engineering aerospace

Scarlett T.’s Avatar
Scarlett T. Feb 27, 2015 860 views

What a chemical engineer can work ?

What a chemical engineer can work other than lab ? And what is the job description ? I want to know what are the criterias and the characteristics of a chemical engineer (personality, passions, style,.. ) to see if this agree with mine because I am studying chemical engineering but I don't...

chemical-engineering personality requirements

Sinue D.’s Avatar
Sinue D. Mar 02, 2015 789 views

Do you require any skill sets other than the classes to be a technical engineer?

I am asking because some jobs require a lot of patience or being able to hold your tongue or just have to be outgoing. Are there any certain skills I will need to have to become a technical engineer? engineering engineer skills technical social-skills...


Dario F.’s Avatar
Dario F. Mar 07, 2015 1155 views

What certificates should I pursue or what title should I look for to be a computer support specialist

I'm studying computer engineering and I'm starting to wonder if I made a stupid decision because I want to help people with computer hardware and software problems, which at first I studied pc architecture and one of my courses is based on networking, learners routers. I Thought getting a...


Jio D.’s Avatar
Jio D. Mar 17, 2015 2278 views

To become an audio/studio engineer in terms of mixing and mastering music would majoring in physics be a good idea?

I want to be a studio engineer and I thought physics would help me grasp concepts of sound. I have heard of some audio engineers who have majored in physics but I want to know if I should make a specfic major in particular for...

Anthony B.’s Avatar
Anthony B. Mar 17, 2015 685 views

Is it fine to pursue a degree outside of medicine if you want to have a career in medicine?

My name is Anthony, and I am a senior in high school. I initially thought I wanted to study biomedical engineering because most of the courses fulfill medical school requirement, but now, I have found other majors that peak my interests, such as Biological Sciences, Anthropology and Africana...

surgeon college doctor pre-med

Cierra C.’s Avatar
Cierra C. Mar 22, 2015 1101 views

What career is best for me

I love science mainly chemistry and physical science but i also love literature. im great at helping people, giving advice, being in charge. But i have yet to find the career for me. any suggestions? before i head off to college. science teaching teacher nursing chemistry...


Christopher S.’s Avatar
Christopher S. Mar 23, 2015 3041 views

What CSU has the best Psychology program?

I am very interested in the Psychology field, but I fear the somewhat huge unemployment rate is not going to get me a job at all and my money will be spent for nothing. psychology career-path sociology consulting...


Paulina B.’s Avatar
Paulina B. Mar 23, 2015 1184 views

What kind of jobs are available after graduating with a degree in biology?

I am asking because I am interested in biology but I don't know what jobs are out there for me. science biology scientist biomedical biologist...


Richard R.’s Avatar
Richard R. Mar 23, 2015 709 views

What is the percentage of failure rate when becoming an electrician.

Well, I am someone who wants to become an electrician because of family members that are also in the field. I am asking this question because I want to know just in case I need a back up plan in case something happens....