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How do I choose which type of engineering is right for me?

Asked Kansas City, Missouri

I am a sophomore in highschool and I really do have a lot of decisions to make. Civil engineering seems like something I want to do, because it seems similar to architecture, which is another major I am considering taking. Electric Engineering seems like something I would want to do, but I don't see myself being good at it. When choosing engineering, should I pick one that interests me or something I know I will be good in? #engineering #civil-engineering #electrical-engineering #architectural

4 answers

Matthew’s Answer

Updated Stratford, Connecticut

Hi James- great question! A few things to know... 1) typically, engineering colleges offer the first two semester for you to try on different engineering courses and see which one you like. That means you could start in mech/civil your first semester, and then switch your second semester to another major (electrical, chemical, etc...) and take that introductory course. 2) I think you want to choose a major that interests you and you will be good at. But don't let the lack of skills or proficency stop you from trying something new... you have 4+ years of classes to get good at EE! Hope that helps. Matthew Chemical Engineering, UMass Class of 2007 Master Degree, MIT, Class of 2011

Thanks for the response. I never knew that I could go to college and still be undecided. I always thought I had to make a decision before I even started. Thanks again!

Gordon’s Answer

Updated Sebastopol, California

OK James, combine your archetecture and civil engineering (can be bridges and roadways, too). Mine was a combination of an very early hobby, building and flying platic and balsa wood model airplanes, so aviation, and assy, brought me to automotive with Toyota in CA, eventually. Do what you like to doi as you may be doing it for a long time, Before marriage try civil engineering, that way you can move from project to project and have PE up your sleeve for your state. PE is practicing engineer, maybe you know. Cheers, Gordon hopkins MSc (Mechanical) King's College London

Sally’s Answer

Updated Frome, England, United Kingdom


Definitely pick the one that you are interested in. Being interested ignites your passion, your curiosity and your staying power in that industry. You will therefore be good at it, because you will give it 100%

There is always time to change careers/choices at a later date, if you felt you really needed a change. Dont think you have to get your choice in career, right first time. It doesnt always happen that way; it does with some people but not others. And changing is not giving up, it is strength in knowing what is right for you.

Good Luck.

that really helps ill think of that for what i chose to do thank you
Good Luck, Luis!

Matt’s Answer

Updated Redwood City, California

James: Short answer is to pick something that interests you. You never really know what you'll be good at until you learn more about it. Plus I think being interested in something will likely lead you to being good at it.