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How soon can I start looking into applying for law school.

I am currently attending the university for my degree in accounting and then I want to continue into Law focusing in tax law and family/immigration law. What steps do I need to take to ensure I don't delay any apps and I don't want to have a big time gap after I receive my bachelor's. #accounting #women-in-law #immigration-law #taxlaw

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3 answers

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Andrea’s Answer

You don't need to wait to get started if you know this is what you want to do after you graduate.

You should research schools to find one or more that you are interested in applying to. Each school may have something different to offer. You want to choose one that you believe you can get accepted to and which also can provide you with the education you are seeking.

Once you have identified some schools, check with admissions regarding qualifications for admission. They can give you an idea as to what they seek in a qualified candidate.

Best wishes!

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Jessica’s Answer

Once you finish your Bachelors degree you will be able to apply to law school. You will have to take an exam that goes by the name of "LSAT". This is a logic test that can be difficult. There are tons of websites and phone apps that will help you prepare for the test. Make sure you lok up the LSAT test dates because they aren't given that often.

Great! Thanks! Can I apply in my last year in school or do I have to wait until I graduate? larisa L.

You're welcome. You can't apply until you have received your actual degree diploma. I would focus more on studying for the LSAT because that will determine everything. Good luck!! Jessica Scott

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Christina’s Answer

You need to take the LSAT (required standardized test) in order to apply to law school. A lot of people take an LSAT prep course the summer after they graduate from college. However, many people take several years after college to work before applying to law school. I worked for two years after college before taking the LSAT and applying for law school; most students were in their early to mid-20s. You can go to law school at any point in your life, though!