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Will therapy be a good fit for me?

Asked Dacono, Colorado

I've had a hard time deciding on a major, and I think I want to be an occupational therapist, but I don't know for sure if that's what's best for me. What qualities should most therapists have?
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Seaton’s Answer

Updated California, California

To help you answer this question, it may be beneficial to ask yourself why occupational therapy? why therapy in general? What are the characteristics that you are looking for a job? What are absolute and what are more preferred? To be an occupational therapist, you must have an entry level degree and earn the professional licensure. It is a wonderful profession (which I am bias towards) and generally difficult to translate to other areas. It isn't impossible but difficult. Similarly other professional schoolings produce specific licensed professionals: physicians, physical therapist, pharmacist, nurse, social work, teachers, lawyers, etc.

For example: I want a job where I can help people- how do you want to help people? What do you want to do or don't want to do? Don't think about the specific major but what career and what life style do you want?