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Is there any scholarships that International students can get without applying to 58272918392 websites

I’m an International student and I feel all the essays and questions I answered won’t help me. Like if I was doing all this work for nothing. #scholarshipsearch

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1 answer

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Jennifer’s Answer

Hi, Andrew!

Looking for and applying to scholarships can certainly seem daunting, especially as an international student who doesn't qualify for the same financial aid as domestic students.

Some universities assist international students with this overwhelming burden but accepting the CSS Profile, although not all unis do and there is a fee for filling it out. The financial aid offices where you've applied can also be good sources of information. Go to the website and/or call the office for specific awards that are offered to admitted and/or current students. Monies don't have to be for new students (bear that in mind for later.)

There are scholarship websites such as FastWeb, that allow you to provide information and find scholarships that meet your criteria. Being as specific as possible helps narrow down the choices. In addition, websites such as ScholarshipOwl will fill out applications for you for a small monthly fee. You might want to give these sites a look to determine what you have the time and money to do.

If finding scholarship money were easy, I'm afraid that more students would saturate the market for them. Because it's time consuming and tedious, those students who have the time and inclination come away with the funds. I wish you all the best in your search!

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