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What are other job options I can consider from knowing another language?

Updated Dix Hills, New York

I have been learning Korean for a few years, and I am planning to continue my studies in college to get to the level of fluency. Are there any jobs other than teaching English in Korea that I can consider? #foreign-languages #language #foreign-language #korean

4 answers

James E.’s Answer


Would strongly consider embassy assignments. Perhaps, if open to relocation being an interpreter at United Nations. Assignments with USAID. These should stimulate some thoughts and further inquiries.

Lynn’s Answer

Updated Marietta, Georgia

Hello Tamyko, I highly recommend continuing to study the Korean language and culture. As a linguist and I work as a nationally certified healthcare interpreter (verbal) ,and translator (written text) . In addition I am language proficiency tester. I mention my skills to show you that there are many ways to use your Korean- English for a great career. However, you need to attain a level professional proficiency before I recommend you apply for these positions. Job growth projections for this field as reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics until 2026 is about 18% whereas many job growth projected estimates are 5% to 8%.

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Lynn recommends the following next steps:

  • Take the Oral Proficiency Interview test to get an accurate assessment of your verbal Korean language skills. I am assuming that English is your native language so you would not need to have it assessed too.
  • Study and immerse yourself in learning the culture too. Locally find grocery stores or shops to frequent.
  • Study abroad in Korea! Contact your school advisor for assistance.

Kerry’s Answer

Updated Rolling Meadows, Illinois

In addition to furthering your studies in Korean, consider a degree or certification in another field that interests you ... business, computer programming, electronics, etc. You'll find having skills in a second language can be instrumental in expanding your career options, and in many cases will make the difference in being selected for opportunities over similarly qualified candidates without foreign language skills.

Kerry recommends the following next steps:

  • Identify another field of study you find interesting that you get into while continuining your studies in Korean.
  • Research opportunities at major corporations headquartered in Korea (Samsung Electronics, Kia, Huandai to name a few ) as well as US-based companies who do business in Korea.

Justice’s Answer

Updated Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana

Yes, there are a lot of opportunities out there with that language.. you can work at any Korean embassy and you can also work as an interpreter for tourists in Korea, you can also work as an international interpreter for a company.. contact me on +233554285471 for more details