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How do I pay for college?

I have applied to multiple scholarships but none of them seems very serious, how can I really find the right ones for me? #college #tuition #scholarships #financial-aid

Have you applied for federal aid scholarships? Those are pretty serious and most offer to cover a certain percentage of tuition based on whether you meet certain criteria (i.e. grades, SAT/ACT scores, GPA). I also recommend trying FastWeb.com, Cappex, Unigo, and Niche for your scholarship search. They help gather scholarships together that you qualify for and they tell you how many people are likely to apply, how much work you should expect to put in to each scholarship, and a bit of background on it too. They are super helpful and I highly recommend them. Sofia A.

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2 answers

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Olena’s Answer

Some scholarships are needs-based but there are PLENTY of others that are based on things like merit, community involvement, major, location, race, religion, interests, participation in the military, having been affected by a natural disaster and many, MANY more! Here are some resources to help you in your search:





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Calvin’s Answer

They're are a few creative ways to pay for college. A student can reach out to the financial aid office and see if they have any scholarships available to students. Another thing a student can do when looking for scholarships is talk to the professors in your specific department because sometimes department themselves offer scholarships. I'm not sure how interested everyone is in sports, but something I learned from college is that every sport needs team managers and these managers get paid in scholarship money. Depending on the athletic program depends how much money is received, but I will say my last two years in college I was pretty much on full scholarship!