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John May 23, 2018 561 views

How is the best way to get enough money to pay for my loans?

#financial-aid #money #scholarships

Bradford’s Avatar
Bradford Mar 16, 2018 734 views

What if I don't get a track scholorship, what's the best way to get college money?

I have to get a track scholarship if I want to pursue my dream of attending a university. I'm worried that if I don't get an athletic scholarship how will I go to college? My parents can't pay for it #scholorship #track #money

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin Jan 17, 2018 522 views

Is there an easier way to receive scholarships?

There are many websites that collect scholarships for students to look at but the likelihood of earning any are low. Are there other ways that have better chances of receiving scholarships? #scholarships #financial-aid #college

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Jan 17, 2018 697 views

What is a good way to make your application stand out better for scholarships?

I want to go to my dream school but I currently I can't afford to go, so I need to get all the scholarships I can so I can achieve my goal. #scholarships #dreamcollege #application

Camille’s Avatar
Camille Jan 16, 2018 682 views

How do I pay for college?

I have applied to multiple scholarships but none of them seems very serious, how can I really find the right ones for me? #college #tuition #scholarships #financial-aid

Jens’s Avatar
Jens Jan 17, 2018 1395 views

I am transgender, are there in colleges that favor that for admissions and scholarships?

I feel that there may be some colleges interested in diversifying their student body with transgender students. Some schools indicate they are LGBTQA friendly schools, but I don't know if there are certain school trying to recruit students like myself. I'm looking for the right fit. I just...

Daniel’s Avatar
Daniel Aug 23, 2018 613 views

College Tuition?

I was concerned on how people views on going to a 4 year institution have been and was asking of some feedback on whether it is worth going to or not if financial issues could be a problem. I will be completing my associates in community college next year and have not decided whether I want to...

mackenzie’s Avatar
mackenzie Mar 16, 2018 741 views

How will I pay for college once I graduate?

I worry about the cost of attending college.

Catherine’s Avatar
Catherine Jan 19, 2018 1039 views

Can you really go to college for free?

My family is middle class but still can't afford to send me to college. I can't afford loans and my family makes to much for financial aid. #moneyproblems

bryant’s Avatar
bryant Jan 16, 2018 939 views

What is the best way for long and short terms saving for new adults?

how should we prepare our self so that we can be financially stable as possible thru out our lives? Also if tragedy strikes how to combat it head-on. #money-management #money #savings #financial-planning

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Sep 18, 2018 847 views

What spending habits could I use to spend less money?

#college #money #college-advice #help