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I would like to participate in a Summer STEM program prior to attending college in the Fall of 2018. Do you have any programs that I can attend

Asked Chicago, Illinois

Looking for STEM programs to enhance my love of mathematics. I plan to become a Secondary Education Teacher and later a Superintendent . I would love as much exposure to STEM as possible.
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2 answers

Stephanie’s Answer

Updated Irving, Texas
Hi Martin! I am so glad to see you are interested in participating in a STEM program! What topics in particular interest you? I see you are located in Illinois, I have a lot of family members out there and have heard that Northern Illinois University offers a great summer program for grades 2nd-12th. I would definitely contact their outreach program. To add to this, they also have a scholarship for the summer program if you were interested. You can go to the following link for more information. http://www.niu.edu/STEM/programs/camps/index.shtml

May’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois
Hello Martin! I'm glad you are looking to get a head start. Have you looked at any of the local colleges and universities for their STEM summer programs? I am a UIC alumna and I notice that they run a lot of youth programs in the summer. Try this link to start: https://mie.uic.edu/summercamp. I hope this will help! - May
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