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Emelia Jan 16, 2018 713 views

How lopsided is the men:women ratio in STEM fields?

As a female looking to go into a STEM field, I'd like to get a little insight into how much of a minority women will be. #women-in-stem #stem

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Emilia Jan 19, 2018 591 views

How hard is engineering for a girl?

Next year I would be studying mechanical engineering in a four year university, I've heard various times that the work field in engineering is extremely tough, and for girls it's even harder because of the lack of girls in STEM. I know that going into that career you need to have a strong...

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Martin Jan 16, 2018 557 views

I would like to participate in a Summer STEM program prior to attending college in the Fall of 2018. Do you have any programs that I can attend

Looking for STEM programs to enhance my love of mathematics. I plan to become a Secondary Education Teacher and later a Superintendent . I would love as much exposure to STEM as possible.
#stem-education #stem