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How to pick the best school for the medical field without knowing what degree plan?

Updated Iowa, Louisiana

I would like to focus on a career in the medical field but I am unsure what to focus my major on. I also would like to spend my money on the best education possible. #school #medical-school #medicine #healthcare #college #hospital-and-health-care

2 answers

Adrian’s Answer


Unfortunately, I feel like it will be hard to decide on the best school for you without knowing what degree you want. There are a wide variety of careers within the medical field, and each one requires a completely different path. Whether you want to be a doctor, nurse (and there are multiple tracks for this job alone), certified nursing assistant, social worker, physical/occupational therapist, etc, each one may have a different school that would be better suited for you. It would be best to start out by narrowing down what kind of career you want. Try and volunteer in some sort of medical clinic (hospitals will have the most opportunities). That will give you access to a spectrum of professionals to talk to that can help narrow down your list. Once you have decided on perhaps one or two specialties, you can begin to research what schools will be the best for you.

Adrian recommends the following next steps:

  • Volunteer in a hospital/medical clinic
  • Observe/talk to employees about their jobs to narrow down what kind of job you want.
  • Narrow your list of degree programs down to one or two, and research schools that specialize in each of them.

Courtney’s Answer

Updated South Lyon, Michigan

If you aren’t sure what part of the medical field you are interested in and you don’t have unlimited funds, I would start at the community college. This is a great place to get prerequisites done and not pay a ton. You will always need basic chemistry’s as well as science and biology. Maybe check out their career section as often times they are a wealth of knowledge to guide you. Also, try to shadow in many areas of interest to get a feel for it before you commit! Good luck!