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Define "Financial Need"

Updated San Antonio, Texas

In regards to scholarship applications can you please define "financial need". I don't want to waste my time applying for scholarships that I don't qualify for. However, I cannot find the exact number that defines financial need. I come from a one income household with an EFC if $15k, and I do not have money available to pay for my education, so in my opinion I have a financial need. I have read a few places that if I don't qualify for the Pell Grant then I don't have a financial need. So if that is the case , am I wasting my time applying for scholarships that require a financial need? Help please, this is really hard to figure out. #scholarships #financial-aid #college #finance

2 answers

Brenda’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

Hello J'Kory,

I would like some clarification before I give an answer. It appears that you stated you have an EFC of $15K, but an EFC is not given in dollar amounts. So is the $15K that you mentioned an EFC that you got after you have completed the FAFSA and that is the EFC you were given?

Maria’s Answer

Updated Cleveland, Ohio

I always encourage students to apply for financial aid regardless if you are eligible for a pell grant. Based on a single household income with $15K you should not have any issues receiving a pell grant. Don't feel that it is a waste of time because you never know. Depending on the college you attend, scholarships are given away.