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Transition from college to life?

Now that I've been accepted into college, I've started thinking a lot more about what's going to happen after I graduate college in four years. How do college seniors transition from dorm/campus life to moving off campus and starting a job? #life-transitions #college

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2 answers

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Rachel’s Answer

Once you know what you want to do after college, start applying for internships in that field. This will acclimnate you to career-life. During you senior year of college start applyin for entry level positions in your field and anything to do with your major. You may also opt to do a service program like, TFA, AmeriCorps, or the PeaceCorps.

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Michael’s Answer

Hi Kristina,

It's great you are already thinking ahead. Once you begin your final year of college you will more than likely have some semblance of what you will be doing when you graduate. In your final semester it's a good idea to attend career fairs, apply to internships/jobs and set a pathway for yourself. Once you have secured something post graduation, you will know what geological area you will be in, what sort of salary/wage you will have and what your new 9-5 schedule will be. This will help you to assess what you can afford and assist with a transition plan into adulthood.