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How can I land my dream job.

I am currently working on my bachelor's degree in cyber-security and I am planning on working with either Homeland Security or the NSA. .


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4 answers

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Glenn’s Answer

It will take a lot of work. Many people "dream" to work for prestigious organizations but find out that they can find some cutting edge work in other places. Don't limit yourself to just a few organizations at first. If they don't hire you, that just means you get to spend a few years honing your skills in similar work before re-applying. Good luck.

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Sebastian’s Answer

Don't neglect startups. You'll gain great experience and build your network- plus homeland security and NSA don't pay half as much. Don't short change yourself.

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William’s Answer

Good Morning Harry.

I want to first congratulate you on pursuing your dreams

If you want to land your dream job and it is in the cyber-security world you first need to figure out what is the dream job you are looking for. Another thing is that you at least want to get your foot in the door. You might start doing tier-1 analyst work for a year, but depending on your development then you will move up roles.

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Dhairya’s Answer

Check out internship opportunities offered at both departments:
NSA: https://www.intelligencecareers.gov/icstudents.html?Agency=NSA
DHS: https://www.dhs.gov/homeland-security-careers/students

Additionally, go on linkedin and search for people who work at both organization in a role you're interested in. Send a short and polite message stating you're a student and would like request some of their time to learn more about working at their organization and their career journeys. Not everyone may reply but if some may. Use it as an opportunity to learn more and politely ask if they can recommend you for an internship if they have the capacity.

Good luck!