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Sebastian Ayerdi, CISSP

Security Consultant
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations
San Francisco, California
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Harry’s Avatar
Harry Jan 17, 2018 800 views

How can I land my dream job.

I am currently working on my bachelor's degree in cyber-security and I am planning on working with either Homeland Security or the NSA. .


Nikolas’s Avatar
Nikolas Jun 19, 2020 918 views

How does one get a job in IT?

I currently study python in high school. #IT #Security

nicholas’s Avatar
nicholas Feb 21, 2017 1575 views

how would i go about becoming an ethical hacker

i have always been interested in the idea of hacking #technology #cyber-security #computer-security #network-security #information-security #it-security

Stanley’s Avatar
Stanley Sep 30, 2019 1301 views

What are some disadvantages of working in the computer industry?

#computer #computer-engineering #computer-science #computer-software #computer-games

Tanish’s Avatar
Tanish Jul 30, 2020 933 views

Which is the most interesting happening topic happening in CS and Tech field?

I have just finished 12th grade and I am looking for good UG courses in CS field

Cyrus’s Avatar
Cyrus Oct 12, 2020 400 views

How to go about starting a automotive mechanic shop.

I am job corps student who would like to open up his own shop would you recommend working for someone first then slowly build up your savings to open up a shop or work for someone and take a couple odd jobs to make more money sooner. #money #student #work