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Which is the most interesting happening topic happening in CS and Tech field?

I have just finished 12th grade and I am looking for good UG courses in CS field

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13 answers

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Yevgeniy’s Answer

I would not choose the area that is the most popular and talked about but the one you feel passionate about. Almost any field you choose will end up being very competitive, one way to ensure you are successful is if you feel really excited about putting in a lot of time to learn and work on it. The only way you will set yourself apart from your peers is by spending a lot time honing your skills and having a ton of hands on experience, it's almost impossible to do that unless you really love what you are doing.
So choose an area you can't wait to dive in and learn about and you will be very successful and most importantly very happy.
On the other hand if you choose an area that doesn't excite you as much, but you think is in greater demand, it will be much harder to compete and get career opportunities you really strive for.
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Samarth’s Answer

Hi Tanish,

The field of Computer Science is massive and offers a wide variety of career options to choose from. Which UG course to pursue after 12th grade - is a very common dilemma faced by a lot of students. The exciting thing about CS is that you'll have plenty of cool things to explore with. The branches of CS are basically derived from math but manifested in different forms of applications.

One thing that I'd like you to know is that you should choose your path based on your interest and passion rather than the popularity of a particular path.

Here are some of the paths you can pursue in CS:
- Web/App Development: Web and application development are one of the most common paths in CS. App development is further divided into mobile and desktop app development. We call them all Software Development. Despite the fact that this is one of the most common path for software engineers, it will always be hot. Websites and Apps dominate the internet space because they're the source from which we acquire and exchange data.

- Big Data/Analytics: Companies generate hundreds of terabytes of data every year. It’s up to big data and analytics specialists to create the programs that will sort through that information and turn it into something useful. Big data used to be an industry buzzword but as more and more sectors become entirely digital, this computer science is becoming less of a buzzword and more of an industry necessity.

- Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence: Computers are getting smarter every year, and while artificial intelligence might have a bad reputation thanks to popular culture, it could be a useful tool and it’s definitely on the horizon. We have self-driving cars thanks to AI and Tesla.

- IoT: Mixture of embedded systems, distributed systems, machine learning etc. and also a huge future market for security professionals.

- Video Game Development - Video game development is one the hottest and fastest-growing fields in Computer Science. Why? Cause who doesn't like to play video games? Whether it’s a mobile app or a AAA video game title, game development is hot! Just a piece of trivia - Temple Run, the mobile game on android and iOS that amassed 1 billion downloads worldwide was developed by 2 developers (husband-wife) and an artist/designer (friend of theirs). That's a 3 person company!

- Virtual and Augmented reality: What makes the development of virtual reality worthwhile? The potential entertainment value is clear. Immersive films and video games are good examples. The entertainment industry is after all a multi-billion dollar one and consumers are always keen on novelty.

There are more paths in CS than there are fingers on my hands. If you have the interest and passion, jump right in and you'll discover your way yourself by exploring it.
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Corina’s Answer

There are so many CS courses to choose from, so start with one that is rather general to help you learn about it and see where in Tech your interests are. One of the fastest growing, most innovative areas is the Internet of Things (IoT). Lots of fascinating and exciting things happening there. Security is also a very good area to get into and it will always be needed!

Thank you!!😀 Tanish H.

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Lucie’s Answer

Lots of great answers here.
I would add that in order to always be on top of what is happening I would use these different sources of information:
- Twitter: Follow leaders in your field and watch what they post
- LinkedIn: Same thing but you can follow the companies and what they are posting about
- Podcasts: You can tune to what is interesting to you and refine to the ones you prefer. A few good ones for CS In my opinion: In the Cloud, IoT, Things you need to know, All in, etc.
- Magazines and Newspaper: No need to follow everything but a good one to start would be Wired. Forbes would be my close second choice.

Hope this helps,
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Jay’s Answer


I think one of the most interesting (and applicable) areas in tech is AI. Every application (for the most part) could benefit from some level of AI. As I look to the future of the industry, using Big Data and Data Science missed with AI in order to be more predictive (whether that is to deliver recommendations to an app, predict how cars will behave for self-driving, to helping companies optimize their supply chain) and provide customers a great experience.

Best of luck.
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Rupa’s Answer

To give proper guidance, need more information regarding - 1. What exposure you already have related to CS(Coding experience, logic levels for example) 2. Where are you planning for your UG(Which country and which kind of institutions) 3. Your Interests - Are you interested to be a technology person or Science person? Technology and Science are very much inter related but different things from career perspective. For example- Information Technology Job is different and Core Computer Science Job is different.

And, To answer the question what is happening - Obviously, the buzz words in CS field now a days are "Data Science", "Artificial Intelligence", "Machine Learning", "Big Data" etc etc.... And each one is a big ocean.. :)

Working on any of the above mentioned requires not just technology knowledge, and CS knowledge but "Mathematics and Statistics" is very important for these fields. Again, it depends on what you want to become - A technologist, or a Scientist. The level of technology knowledge you require to become a technologist is more than a Scientist. For example, A Data Scientist requires more Mathematical knowledge than technology knowledge.

Rupa recommends the following next steps:

Try to reflect what exposure or experience you already have related to CS
Try to reflect what exactly you are interested in and want to become
Try to see what basic knowledge you already have related to the field
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Sebastian’s Answer

Base decision on your passion and interest. You want to enjoy doing the work. Hot topic and area at the moment is in the security space. Application, Web, Infrastructure security especially for environments such as AWS and GCP.

Best of luck!
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Swathi’s Answer

Hi Tanish,

I agree with Corina's answer, you need to start with the basics to set your foundations right (for example: learning coding in a particular language). Once you get your basics strong, then you can focus on a particular field / subject that you would like to major in.

There is always going to be new interesting topics that become a trend every 5-6yrs, that is how technology and your learning grows simultaneously.

Right now, the most happening topics to name a few are Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics.

All the best for your future :)

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Ye’s Answer

Hands on experience is super valuable. Try to play around with coding on your computer, and figure out which area interests the most, frontend, backend, fullstack.

Thank you sir! Tanish H.

Hello Ye, your answer is a bit off-topic here, try adding topics that are happening in the CS and Tech field but also interest you. Also, explain what they are and why they interest you. Gurpreet Lally, Team

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Chetan’s Answer

Computer Science Education is being used in almost all the fields.
You are just entering into UG course. There are lot of things to learn in this course.
You can do CS/MTech Engineering or Bsc/Msc - both will allow you to get into any emerging/interesting things
that you will develop your interest into while you are learning these courses.
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Dileep Kumar’s Answer

Hi, just finishing 12th I like your enthusiasm to know latest innovations and developments in Computer Science. To list few happenings in CS,
driveless cars -- aka self driving cars,,
Robots -- Boston dynamics,,
AI assistant -- Google's AI taking like human,

Since last decade this field (CS) has grown a lot and its applications are integrated into various departments like BioTech --Simulating various drug formulas before actually trying them out on real animals/persons, Aeronautics & Space -- Autonomous control of flight and monitoring data read from thousands of internal sensors, Mechanical -- Automating Industrial pipelines to increase productivity and identity malfunctions of various manufacturing systems.

Bottomline is, any department you pick, CS technology can be applied to it to make it better and sophisticated.

Thank you for your valuable comments Tanish H.

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Supreethkumar’s Answer

You can join Engineering and study Computer science or any equivalent degree which can provide you education related to Computer science.
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HanSon’s Answer

Blockchain has certainly made an impact over the past years and as the adoption of this technology increases, it's applications are going to become more interesting. The rise of cryptocurrency is certainly driving this interest as the the markets are looking at alternatives to the traditionally banking systems for monetary transactions.