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How to go about starting a automotive mechanic shop.

I am job corps student who would like to open up his own shop would you recommend working for someone first then slowly build up your savings to open up a shop or work for someone and take a couple odd jobs to make more money sooner. #money #student #work

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Sebastian’s Answer

Hi Cyrus,

I recommend you work at a shop to gain much needed experience but should consider a number of things.

1. What type of vehicles do you want to specialize in? (European, ie; Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Japanese, American, Tesla)
The answer may be all or a number of them but it's important to understand a focus area. Having a specialization will allow you to target a specific market. Not saying you can't learn all in different areas but specializing will set you apart.
2. European cars will allow you to charge more per hour than American cars and Japanese. Just keep that in mind.
3. While you are working and gaining experience look at Auto certifications like the ASE which say you know your stuff and can be trusted
4. Research and join minded groups on running an auto business and what it takes to run a shop (rent, taxes, employees, insurance, permits needed, etc)

Best of luck!

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