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How do you know which type of engineer is right for you?

I want to know what each type of engineer deals with on a daily basis. #engineer #engineering

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2 answers

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Douglas’s Answer

this is a very tough question to answer. There are three basic types of engineers: Civil, Mechanical and Electrical and maybe a fourth Chemical. Broadly speaking Mechanical Engineers work on mechanical things that move (airplanes, cars, power plants, etc.), Civil Engineers work on things that do not move (buildings, bridges, roads, structures, etc.), Electrical Engineers work on things having to do with electricity (computers, motors, power systems, etc.) , Chemical Engineers work on chemical processes (materials, fabrics, refineries, etc. ). My advise to you would be to Google each of these types of engineers and read more about each one. What you will find is that there are "sub sets" of engineers within each of these broad categories. As you read about all of the different kinds of engineers, keep in mind the things that you like to do. I am sure that you will find a few engineering branches that interest you. When you do, you can research each a little more. Also keep in mind that each type of engineer might work at a desk, designing things, or out in the field installing and repairing things, or in a factory making things sometimes a combination of all three.

Good Luck, hope this helps.

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Mayte’s Answer

Hello Mariana,

It is good that you have questions, my recommendation is go for what motives you more. For my expirience I knew I wanted to be an engineer but didn't know which type, from the university I wanted to go I started to read all the majors' description and chose my first 3 options, then I did an investigation, interview people ( who is studying and who is working), to know better what I will do in the future.

Remember a major will form a way to think, to face problems and how to resolve them.

My suggestion is to do a research and choose your first 3 options and go from there.