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Why should i join the engineering field

I'm looking to go into the engineering field I was just having trouble figuring out which one i should join #engineering #engineer

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9 answers

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Bekuechukwu’s Answer

Honestly with figuring out if you want to go into the engineering field here is my thought. So I think the very question to ask yourself is what you ultimately what to do. I for one knew that I was a hands on person who wanted to create something tangible, something physical. I also knew that I also really liked the magic that is chemistry, I was truly amazed by it. So I put them both together, and got chemical engineering. I would also add that it was not until a while after college that I realized that engineering is simply a way of thinking, a way of tackling problems, and ultimately a way of life designed to give you the tools and skillset to impact peoples lives.

With regards to what form of engineering to go with, once again it depends on what sort of output or value you want to create. Each aspect of engineering is designed to create a particular type of outcome. There are overlaps between some of the fields, but each still retains its uniqueness. So I would recommend you search deep within your imagination and figure out what type of projects or innovations you would like to be a part of and decide according to that. As Albert Einstein once said, "your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions". I hope this helps.

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Kevin’s Answer

Oh boy there is a lot to talk about here! There are few factors that can go into your decision of which field you want to join.
1. What type of engineering are you interested in? This can be hard to narrow down, but you can start with thinking about what interests you in your life so far.
1.1 Do you like solving puzzles? Do you love computers? This might mean you should go into some type of computer programming - this covers a
huge umbrella of different types of programming you can go into. Generally knowing a core language like C or Java will keep the most doors open
to you. From what I have seen this is the most accessible type of engineering because there are so many jobs and how much they pay (depending
on where you want to live).
1.2. Doing robotics? Automating random tasks? Fixing physical machines? Living on an oil rig for weeks at a time? You probably want to look into
Mechanical Engineering or a more specialized version of that.
1.3. If you aren't sure I would recommend trying things out in your spare time to see if you like it. I would usually look up things on youtube of small
projects that I can do myself with not a lot of investment.

2. How many jobs are available for that type of engineering? I would go to job posting sites like linkedin.com, indeed.com, etc. and search for the field you are thinking of. This will affect how hard it is to actually get a job in that field and may or may not sway your decision.

3. Generally you need a Bachelor's degree to get any sort of engineering job. There are some where you can get in without one if you have proven projects like writing web applications/sites.

4. Money. Engineering jobs generally pay well but there is a large range depending on what area you go into. Usually the career sites have ballpark numbers of what you can expect.

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Brayden’s Answer

Hello! What I find so fun about engineering is that you will constantly find yourself working on different projects and working to solve different problems. Engineering in a nutshell is simply a giant puzzle that you are trying to solve with the least amount of resources in the shortest amount of time. This alone was super intriguing to me because the frame of mind that you have to think in, in order to solve these complex problems. I also love the comradery that is involved in engineering. You will rarely find a job in especially mechanical engineering that only a single engineer is working on. So its pretty normal to work on projects with others, bouncing ideas off each other in order to achieve a common goal. Another thing I enjoy engineering is the different projects that you have the opportunity to be exposed to. There are so many areas that engineers play a pivotal role in the advancement of design and technology that ultimately make it a better more enjoyable place to live.
I think the best way that you will know what type of engineering that you want to go into is to ask yourself what you are interested in. Once you find the things you are interested you can then find the different disciplines in which your interests fall in.
Overall engineering is a great career path if you enjoy problem solving, working with others and like being creative. Hope this was helpful! Good Luck!

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John’s Answer

Go to this website. www.bls.gov/ooh
Type engineering in the Search handbook box.
All the typical engineering fields will pop up and to can review each one that tells you what they do, how to become one, etc. This will help you narrow down to the types you think you would like then you can ask us more questions.

Great website!! Thanks a mill :) Emma F.

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Gabriel’s Answer

The engineering field can be good for several reasons, like:

- future proof career (people will always build stuff that requires professionals)
- good compensation and security
- Complex challenges to solve in the world

With that said, making a choice can be hard with a big variety of options inside engineering, having things in mind like "being a problem solver" and what do you like in general that is co-related (buildings, computers, cars, robots, ships, and airplanes) might give you some clue on how to choose something. Also, knowing what you don't like can be a big helper for removing undesired options from your list.

Deciding something that big can be hard, so a hint is to look for a "decision-making framework template" that makes sense to you

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Suresh’s Answer

In Engineering team you will innovate the products using the core technologies which will improve your coding skills, as well as you career. You will work with a team of talented people who like to learn, discover new functionalities and solve problems.
Core technologies always has demand in the market and you will become a innovator of your own product in future.

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Pooja’s Answer

With the technology advancement over the last few decades, engineering has become a ubiquitous field. Irrespective of the business you are in, you need engineering to automate/optimize processes and improve the customer experience. For e.g. retail shopping is no longer about the sales reps staffing the stores, the ways items are laid out in the physical store. It is more about how the online shopping website is designed, how the recommendations are personalized. Websites like RedFin for real estate are marginalizing the roles of real estate agents. A lot of jobs we know today will cease to exist - because of the amount of automation at play.

Engineering degrees provide the most foundational skills to enable this kind of automation. It builds quantitative skills that help you objectively evaluate options, build things. Engineering degrees also keep the doors open to variety of fields in the long run. You can always move to management positions. Being knowledgeable about the engineering aspects will help you lead your team, recommend technology options for company's advancement more easily. It will make you a huge asset to the organization.
Engineers are also compensated pretty well and have relatively good work-life balance

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Michael’s Answer

I've always encouraged people to consider getting into the field of engineering, because the skills you learn go beyond what you study in textbooks and classrooms (math, science ,etc.). Getting an education in engineering, means you're getting an education in problem solving and critical thinking. You learn how to take the inputs of a problem, think about what options there could be for a solution, test your theories, and apply.

These are transferrable skillsets, that have application outside of the "engineering field". It really gives you a lot of options.

I'll also add that, even if you start out in a certain discipline of engineering, it does not limit you to that field. From my experience, I have seen folks move across different business and industries frequently.

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Ritu’s Answer

To be able to work with a team of talented people who like to learn, discover new functionalities and solve problems.
It sets you up for professional success, productivity and gives financial security.
It also provides you immense satisfaction to see how you what you have created or improved is utilized by the rest of the world.
If this is something that interests you, you should opt for engineering. Good Luck!