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Will the field of software engineering continue to grow after I graduate?

I have studied aspects of software engineering throughout high school. It really interests me and presently is a growing field. I would like to know if it will continue to grow or if it might be a good idea for me to look at focusing on another engineering field that will continue to grow and offer greater opportunities after graduation. #software-engineering

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3 answers

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Dave’s Answer

As a current software engineer I can attest that there will be no shortage of software development jobs in the near to distant future. You may need to relocate to find an abundance of them but if you are willing to locate yourself where these jobs are (and there are many cities across the country with good opportunities) you will be in a good position to work in this field. Some aspects to study will include machine learning (aka artificial intelligence), serverless technologies (e.g. AWS Lambda) and other cloud computing, mobile technologies (mobile-friendly web, Android, iOS, Xamarin, etc.), and "Internet of Things" (IoT). Clearly, this is a very broad range of topics so you need to ask "What kind of software engineering do I want to pursue?" Front-end? Back-end? Web? Full-stack? Mobile? Big data? Machine learning?

Also, you will want to get as much OOP under your belt as you can. The language really is up to you but Java seems to remain more popular than others.

The field of software engineering is a big field with lot of opportunities available to anyone willing to go after them.

Good luck!

Dave recommends the following next steps:

Choose a specific aspect of the software industry that interests you and try to find an open-source project that targets that interest. Try to contribute to it. Keep track of your contributions for your resume.

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Greg’s Answer

Ditto the other two answers. The field is simply growing like crazy, from web-based companies (Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Google, Amazon, etc., and a gazillion startups) to mobile to auto companies (think entertainment systems and self-driving AI software) to the Internet of Things (IoT)--with a huge and even more rapidly growing need for software security.

Even non-engineering fields (bioscience, physics/astro, etc.) are now generating enormous quantities of data and have an ever-growing need for software developers. In fact, it's hard to think of an area in which software is not important. And software engineering is one of the few areas for which automation does not appear to be a significant threat, at least in the next couple of decades.

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Anvesh’s Answer

Yes. The field of software engineering continues to grow. I am right now workingin the same field. I would not change my path because after successfully doing Bachelors, I gained more interest and started to do my Masters in this particular field. Now, As I completed my Master's Degree and pursuing job in software field found so much growth in software industry during this span. I hope there will be huge rise in software field further as the new technology rises day to day, makes software development more useful for every industry.