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What are benefits or the pros and cons of taking one of the ACT or the SAT tests over the other?

Curious which one may hold more benefits and if I was only able to take one which would be recommended. I currently plan on taking both.
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Thank you comment icon Hi Dillon! Since the ACT has been popular for less time, admissions staff might be less familiar with what the scores mean. With that being said, most colleges nowadays don't place a greater emphasis on either test. However, you should contact colleges you're interested in just to make sure you're aware of any benefits that could arise by taking either test. If you find that the colleges you're looking at think the ACT and SAT are of equal importance, it's up to you to decide which test better suits you. If you're better at reading comprehension and critical thinking skills, you might want to consider taking the SAT. If you're comfortable with general knowledge, grammar &syntax, and have a strong grasp of science, the ACT might suit you better. I hope this helps and I wish you the best! Mireia

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1 answer

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Sam’s Answer

Hi Dillon,

There is no pro or con for taking one test over the other. You simply need to take the test that is required by the college/university for admission. So for example is the university requires SAT scores, then you must take the SAT exam. It's just that simple.