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As a candidate for a Master's in Literacy, I will need to do a case study. Which topic for my case study will help struggling readers the most?

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In order to get a Master's in Literacy you must work on a case study and do research with the students you are currently teaching. Since the case study is a labor intensive process, I want to study something that will actually impact student learning and reading proficiency.

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2 answers

Darla’s Answer


Anna, your case study will likely be assigned by the university/college you are attending. You have to get to know your case study student, determine how to best help him/her, then develop a plan to address the student's needs. Deciding what to do is guided by the student and your knowledge of literacy acquisition and strategies. There is no one size fits all in literacy interventions.

Jean’s Answer


I would love to give you ONE topic, but literacy is more complicated than that. Here are a few suggestions:

Balanced Literacy Instruction

Readers’ Workshop vs Basal Programs

Summer Slide

Screen Time

Early Literacy /Intervention

Family Involvement

Teacher Competency

Access to Quality Resources- Just Right Texts

Fixed Mindsets

Scaffolding vs Rescuing

Supporting All Learners

Jean recommends the following next steps:

  • Feel free to contact me. I am happy to help focus you, and give you feedback.
  • Best of luck! Schools need literacy experts in all grades.