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I want to get a Master's in Literacy and be a Reading Specialist


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Anna V. Jan 19, 2018 466 views

As a candidate for a Master's in Literacy, I will need to do a case study. Which topic for my case study will help struggling readers the most?

In order to get a Master's in Literacy you must work on a case study and do research with the students you are currently teaching. Since the case study is a labor intensive process, I want to study something that will actually impact student learning and reading proficiency. #reading...

#masters #masters-degree #literacy #research

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Anna V. Jan 19, 2018 587 views

As a future Reading Specialist, in which particular reading intervention should I be trained?

I am asking this question because there are several reading programs out there for struggling readers. School districts pay a lot of money to get reading teachers trained in reading interventions and I want to be trained in the most effective reading program for my students. #reading...