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I am interested in an active job. What is a good way to get into it?

I prefer not to be cramped inside an office space, so what is a good job where you do things such as running around or exploring? Also, are there any recommended class(es) I should take?

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2 answers

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Debbie’s Answer

You're in luck! Environment jobs are hot right now and with the new administration they will only get hotter! There are government jobs in the national parks, research jobs, nonprofits looking for people and businesses wanting people with skills that will help them with their environment issues. Hope this helps!

Debbie recommends the following next steps:

For government try usajobs.gov or your local city or county.your
Nonprofits and businesses will post jobs in the same places such as Indeed. Do a keyword search for "environment".

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Kim’s Answer


Here is a link that can get you started!
The things that immediately came to mind are construction fields- crane operators, electricians, etc., also wastewater treatment facilities. There are endless possibilities!