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Do you have tips for adjusting to being away from home for the first time?

I'm fairly independent but I'm very close with my family. How do you deal with being away from home and living with roommates in a dorm? #first-year #living-away-from-home #dorm-life #roommates

Hey Devin! I've been living away from home for 4 years now, and it's tough sometimes, no doubt. The first thing to remember is that almost everyone around you will be going thru the same thing. It's really important to make new friends and lean on them for support. Also remember that it's just as important for you to learn how to live independently as it is for your family. Being overly reliant on your family can distract you from the amazing things going on on campus! I've found that in texting my family updates and only calling about once a week, we were able to keep in touch without it draining a huge amount of time from my schedule. Remember to seize all the opportunities you can! Look forward; don't dwell on things too much. I hope something here helped. Best of luck! Abby Lupi

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4 answers

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Maria Cristina’s Answer

Hi Thomas, I move out of my house at 18 to go to college and I know it can be really challenging. I am also a very family person and it that moment it was a difficult time for us but they encourage me to go and live my own life. The first days of adjustment were really hard but you start accommodating yourself and is definetely something you have to live. My recommendation will be to find new groups to socialize, anything interesting for you. Keep a good relathionship with your roommates but always be honest, if you dont like something speak out. I know you are independent but don´t rely on this, invite people to do things you may find some surprises.

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Thomas’s Answer


Know that your family is very proud of you in your time away. Know that sacrificing your time away from them now will only benefit you and them in the near future. It’s not easy being on your own. Ever! But your goals can only be accomplished by doing so; and only you can grow as a person by learning who you are first. I myself have been through your situation and still going through it after years of school, moving city to city, job to job, and meeting people constantly. However, if it were not for these experiences, I would not know who I am and what I want for myself. I hope this helps! Keep your head up.

P.S Enjoy your dorm life! Best times of your life if you go about it the right away. Education first, fun second!



Thomas recommends the following next steps:

Talk to friends and family back home daily or on a week/monthly basis!
Get out of your dorm more often! Join a club or intramural league.
Find a part time job! Make connections. Start building your resume.
Stay motivated! School first, fun second! Work hard, play harder!

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Gregor’s Answer

Hi Devin,

I moved from Germany to the UK and can say that I was very close to my family not to mention all my friends. It was quite hard in the beginning but I used a lot of the times Skype, VOIP calls to try to be as connected as I could. However, this initial feeling that you miss your family, friends is fading away and you get kind of comfortable in you new lifestyle. I believe this step is super important as it shows that you can be flexible which is the most important skill someone can have in my opinion. The room mates are quite important as they are a kind of family replacement for the time you are away so if you can chose do it wisely :-)

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Amy’s Answer

Hi Devin!

I’m also a family person and i won’t lie it was a little bit rough at the beginning, I missed arriving at home and have a full meal done and just having someone to go to when I was not feeling great…But now as years come by, I believe it was necessary to go thought it because that give me my best friends and the opportunity to have experiences that enrich my life and of course it gave a great career that allow me to travel around the world and enjoy with my family, so my advice to you is go for it! Enjoy every experience in your new dorm life!

 PS.  I know is difficult but balance your personal life (fun,partys) and you education!