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What is the best way to stand out on applications?

Updated Margate, Florida

My dream school is Harvard Medical School. The school is extremely competitive of course and I would like to know what to do in the next four years of my undergrad in order to stand out in the application process. #medical #medical-school #medicine #hospital-and-healthcare #healthcare #college #college-applications

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Marjolene’s Answer

Updated Raleigh, North Carolina

Hi Jessica,

Beyond having an outstanding undergraduate GPA and admission test scores, graduate schools look for a well-rounded individual that has contributed to the community and has made a positive impact on their school and peers. In addition, your academic curriculum should be diverse and focused on areas outside your core major and pre-Med requirements. All this will help improve your analytical and problem-solving skills, prepare you for multicultural work and school settings, and help you become a leader amongst your peers.

Marjolene recommends the following next steps:

  • Volunteer at a non-profit of your choice, become a mentor to Freshman undergraduate students during your Junior/Senior years, and/or become a Teaching Assistant
  • Do a study abroad program for a semester or a year, and/or learn a foreign languge
  • Join an honor society, club and/or sorority, and be an active member in those groups
  • Complete an internship within your field, and/or work a part-time job
  • Beyond your academic requirements for medical school, complete a second major or minor outside your field (ie. Business, History, English, etc.). I also suggest completing additional certifications relevant to tech and digital, or anything that may be of interest to you (ie. Foreign language, fitness and nutrition, etc.)