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What are some effective ways to study if you are a hands on learner?

I struggle to find effective ways for me to study and remember the material. #iwannastudybetter #elementary-education #being-an-elementary-teacher

Thank you comment icon Hi Delaini! This is a very good question. I'm a hands-on learner as well and what has helped me learn is integrating things I learn in school into things I create, whether it be drawings, graphs, experiments, models, projects, etc. For example, if you were learning about DNA you could challenge yourself to make a model of it out of materials you already have at home and mentally review each part and it's function as you're constructing. This will help you truly learn instead of just memorizing. I hope this helps and I wish you the best! Mireia
Thank you comment icon I agree with Mireia, some of my classmates had trouble focusing in school because they needed to be hands on to retain the information. The most important thing is to find a place where you are comfortable studying, whether its outside or inside. For each subject research and/ or come up with cool ways to study for the particular subject. Youtube always have cool and exciting things to help you study. Good luck! Devetra

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3 answers

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Rachel’s Answer

In order to manage stress you have to manage your time wisely. <span style="background-color: transparent;">You have to set a routine for yourself and stick to it for the most part. Once you get into the groove of a routine it will be much easier for you to manage your time and have enough time for everything you need to do (including relaxing). Make yourself to-do lists on a weekly basis, use Google calendar or a planner to keep track of events, deadlines, and due dates. In addition to setting a routine and sticking to it, plan out relaxing activities into your day. Or set aside a time, after everything is done for the day, that you can have "me" time. I have also personally found it essential to not only find time for myself but also make use of that time in a way that is best for me and my holistic wellness. I have found the HeadSpace app to be an essential tool in helping me relax and generally feel more relaxed throughout the day, Guided meditation, even if you have a busy schedule, will make you feel more at ease and relaxed throughout the day as a whole (not just when you have the time to relax and focus on that "me" time).</span>

<span style="background-color: transparent;">Set a routine.Use Google Calendar.Set aside Me TimeWrite weekly to-do lists and use a planner.Find a peaceful and restful activity that will help you feel relaxed.</span>

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Eula’s Answer

Dear Delaini,

It is wonderful to see that you are so eager to learn. Looks like you are a good student.

People learn in various ways, by using our senses. But some are better using one sense than the other.

1) VISUAL - seeing images and pictures, or as we call them graphics. Like an atlas or a map

when it is not images, but text, by reading.

2) AUDITORY = Hearing - listening to a story or paying attention to a sentence. like music or a song.

3) TACTILE = Touching and Doing. - by building things, cutting, glueing, touching, painting, and shaping clay.
That I how I learned about the body and to do massage.

4) and a combination of senses =
READING + SEEING at the same time.
or HEARING + SEEING at the same time.

The best way to learn is to do a little bit of all of them.
Like we do when we watch a movie or TV that is not for leisure but for learning.

You see Delaini,
Your brain is the one helping you with all of these things. and while you see , hear and touch, your are all the time thinking and absorbing what you are engaged in.
The minute your mind goes wandering to something else, you stop learning.

Do not overload it, (your brain) but do a little bit at the time.
That is why we don't do homework in one big chunk, but in little bits.
Every day 30 minutes or so.
This way you remember and add to what you remember every time better and can add some more later.

This has a fancy term: Spaced Repetition. And this is what teachers do.

Find out what is your strongest sense, and use that one first.
Then when you get tired to your second strongest one.
Take a pauze and then do you last trick in the box.

After this you get a prize, and so something you love that is not work but for fun.

The best and most effective people, we all do it this way.
I still learn in this way.
I read, I write it out. I see it. I try to touch, taste and handle it (like learning to cook)
I listen to it, as when I try to learn a new song.
I make a collage so that I can remember things I have to do.

Try it out and let me know if it works OK?
I hope this helps Delaini.

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Kaylee’s Answer

If you are a hands on learner the most effective way would probably be doing activities and visuals being shown.