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What are some necessities(or extra things) I need to bring to college?

Being the first child that is going to college in my immediate family, what are some necessities or extra things I should bring to college as a freshman? Thanks!


Never underestimate the value of snacks. Bring some with you or stash some from the food source on campus. Don't forget a fan (because usually temperature regulation is terrible) and don't forget socks (I made that mistake once). Bring a surplus of office supplies so you can restock when needed and not need to waste any money at the expensive campus store. First aid kit is always a good thing to have, as is clothes for a variety of weather conditions. Planners will save your life. Stay organized. White boards always come in handy at the weirdest times. Thick curtains too, if you're going somewhere that's really cold, to keep out drafts. Congrats on college and best of luck! Abby Lupi

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2 answers

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Jillian’s Answer

Some extra things that I thought were helpful to have in college were:

-Desk lamp: so I could study without bothering my roommate too much

-Sleeping bag: this came in handy when I had visitors or when some of the organizations I was a part of during college had retreats

-Mattress pad: my college's dorm beds were not very comfortable and having a 3 in memory foam mattress topper saved me

-Shower shoes: super helpful especially if you're in a dorm with a shared bathroom

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Ann’s Answer

Hi Sean,

This is amazing!! So proud of you! Your college should provide you with a checklist, but Jillian has provided some great recommendations. A few things I would add are:

Towels, wash cloths, shower caddy, laundry basket on wheels or a laundry bag that can easily be carried to the laundry room, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, quarters for the laundry machines, toiletries, set of dishes, cups and silverware, your favorite snacks and drinks, bedding, and most importantly some decorations and pictures to help you make the room feel at home. Good luck!!