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How can I market myself as a professional to future employers?

I do not know exactly how to network to where I meet and connect with future employers. I want to know how to do so and the most efficient way. #career-planning #interviewing-skills #career-counseling #career-development

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Hi Theresa, Networking is the most important thing you can do for your professional career. It can also be a very intimidating thing. There are two main ways I would advise you to start. The first is to develop a professional network. You can do this through social media and networking sites, as well as attending events and meetups. Spend a lot of time building out a good LinkedIn profile. Join professional networks on LinkedIn, reach out to people on Linkedin at companies, or in roles that you are interested and ask them for advice, or a time to talk on the phone. Go to meetups or professional events in your area. Be very curious and talk to as many people as possible. Try to focus on groups or events that are really interesting to you, so you meet people with similar professional goals. The second approach is to grow your social network. Join clubs, pursue your hobbies, become an activist. If you enjoy bowling, join a league. If you like hiking, join a group that goes hiking in your area. A lot of people focus on networking professionally, when realistically, your more meaningful connections will be formed through shared interests. In summary, the more people you meet, the bigger your network gets, and the more exposure you will have. You will also gain a more well rounded perspective, and learn a lot from those around you.
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Theresa, One approach that I have found very successful is obtaining informational interviews. Informational interviews are interviews where you solicit information from professionals in your field. Some of the key guidelines for informational interviews are 1. you find and establish an interview with someone that is of interest to you professionally and has established credentials in a field that you are interested in. 2. Always come with a good set of questions. 3. Always send a "thank-you" note. 4. NEVER, EVER ask for a job (the informational interview is established strictly for the sake of building a professional relationship and gleaning knowledge that will help you in your career).
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