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Travel opportunities for historians

Asked Waddell, Arizona

I will pursue a degree in history and would like to know if there are any jobs that will afford me the opportunity to travel.

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3 answers

Marilyn’s Answer

Updated Humble, Texas

My sister was a history major and then taught history. I was a counselor and we had our summers free. We always wanted to travel, so we formed a tour company in the summers and took people overseas on trips. She loved the history part, so she planned the locations and researched the history, and I scheduled all the tours and held meetings prior to our trips. It was great fun, and we got to travel free, and for a teacher, that is a wonderful thing, as salaries are never great. I'm sure there are more opportunities out there, but this one worked for us. Best of luck!

Marilyn Lowry

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Brien’s Answer

England-see the london tower, and learn the history of how the Normans invade England over 1000 years ago.

Daphne’s Answer

Updated Fort Collins, Colorado
You may want to consider the State Department