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What ways can I land my dream job?

I'm currently a freshman with a major in Accounting. My dream job is to work in a bank. What steps or advice can I take into achieving a career as an accountant? #career-path #career-planning #accounting

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3 answers

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Samantha’s Answer

Hi Shaquana! You're already off to a great start to reach your dream job by starting college. Within banking, there are lots of different career options. A few examples are: loan officer (helping small business or individuals apply for loans to fund their business, or buy a home or other large purchase), or bank teller/personal banker (work in a branch of a bank assisting individuals with deposits, withdrawals, or other banking needs). If you work within a large bank, you might help companies invest their money, make business loans, or other large transactions.

While in college, I encourage you to make sure you study hard and keep your grades up. There is strong competition in certain entry level fields, and a good GPA will help you to be a strong candidate. Also, get involved in extracurricular activities related to your interests. These can be related to accounting/banking, but there is also the opportunity to follow some of your other interests while showing leadership, time management, or other qualities that will be desirable for a future employer.

Best of luck!

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Jodi’s Answer

Hi Shaquana!

Great question! I think it's awesome that you are interested in a career in accounting/banking. The best way to start off is to keep up good grades especially in your accounting and business classes. This comes with hard work and a lot of studying. I also suggest you make relationships with your professors in that field. Your professors may be able to introduce you or connect you to people in the banking field. This can lead to internship opportunities over the summers if you have time.

I would also spend some time preparing your resume. You can think about the courses you have taken, and extracurricular activities you are involved in. Make sure you have someone proofread this resume before you send it out. It is also helpful to create a LinkedIn page, so potential employers can search for you based on their needs and your strengths.

Keep an open mind to other opportunities and learn as much as you can while you are in school! Good luck :)

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Courtney’s Answer

Hi Shaquana! In addition to the other great answers provided, I would recommend you attend any career fairs put on by your school and network as much as you can. Another way to get exposure is to join any clubs your college may have for accounting/finance/business students. These clubs usually have different companies come and present and give you information about careers with them, with time after to network during. Good luck!