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How competitive is the chemical engineering field?

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2 answers

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Terry’s Answer

While I can't speak from recent experience because I graduated as a chemical engineer in 1980, I think chemical engineering is a highly competitive field, especially in college. The drop out rate for ChE students probably ranges 40-50 percent in the first 1-2 years. If you make it past the first two years, you are probably going to be able to complete your degree without much additional risk of failing. Once you are in the workforce, you will still be competing with your peers for promotions, but that is true for any profession and my experience was that the degree of competitiveness was not nearly as intense as in college. All that said, I think you would find chemical engineering to be a very rewarding field with lots of career opportunities if you decide to pursue that choice. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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Estelle’s Answer

super competitive. But if you have the passion for science and technology and especially chemistry then you will be all right. You need to make good grades in high school but really need to take the hard sciences and AP tests. I have friends who just graduated with chemE degrees and they were smart but also fun people who had a passion for learning.