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For a chemistry undergraduate major what non academic courses helped to make a difference?

Academic classes teach us basics, but there are non academic classes that allow you to be creative and help further your education. I would like to know what non academic classes would go along with a chemistry degree that will both help me as an individual and as an intellectual. #medicinal-chemistry #chemistry

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3 answers

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Aftab’s Answer

Here is a list of courses that will help you in the pursuit of your goals.
Philosophy, Psycology, sociology, anthropology, political science and world History. All these classes will really make you better decisions in your life, better understand people around you and be a better leader.

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Chris’s Answer

By far, the additional college course I took that has paid off in my career was "Writing in the Sciences". As a scientist, technical writing and verbal communication skills will help tremendously and give you a true leg up. Other topics covered were resume writing, cover letters and personal statements for applications. These are priceless skills in today's job climate. I highly recommend seeking such a course while in school, or elsewhere!

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Robert’s Answer

I would strongly recommend taking a course in each systems science and economics if they are available to you. I would second the others suggested by Aftab, as well. But these are all "academic" courses, as is pretty much any course you might take at a university except perhaps (at least in the minds of some) creative arts and athletics. Be wary of taking a course thinking it will be easy because of the subject matter!