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Erica C. Erica C. Jan 25, 2018 293 views

For a chemistry undergraduate major what non academic courses helped to make a difference?

Academic classes teach us basics, but there are non academic classes that allow you to be creative and help further your education. I would like to know what non academic classes would go along with a chemistry degree that will both help me as an individual and as an intellectual....

#medicinal-chemistry #chemistry

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Erica C. Erica C. Jan 25, 2018 334 views

What types of organizations will best help someone pursuing pharmacology have hands on experience?

Anyone can open a book and read. True learning comes from when you are put into situations and have to take the knowledge you acquired from books or lectures and apply it to real life situations. Therefore, to make my education meaningful and have a true impact in my field. I would like to find...

#internships #pharmaceuticals