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Would Mechanical Engineering be the best option in the engineering field?

I enjoy mathematics and am pretty good in science. So I know I want to pursue some engineering career. I've been told mechanical engineering could be the best choice because it is the basis of engineering. I have also been told if you major in mechanical engineering you're most likely to get a job because you could get a job in any almost engineering field. #engineering #mechanical-engineering #mechanical

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3 answers

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Gordon’s Answer

You are right do mechanical as it is the basis for all other engineering disciplines, including IT and computer science. The "thing" that runs the IT worlds must have some physical basis, zeroes (0)and ones (1) don't run in thin air just transmitted from something to something. Mechanical gives you the most flexibility, better than chemical too, due to the physical ingredients in the chemistry, and processing equipment.

thank you Gordon Wesley H.

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Jayne’s Answer

I certainly thought it was the best Engineering Degree! When I graduated I had choices of careers(with job offers) as follows:

Aircraft Engine design with Pratt and Whitney
Propulsion for F-16 with General Dynamics
Petroleum Engineer with Arco Oil and Gas company; Conoco and Michigan Wisconsin Pipeline compny
Mechanical Engineer at Taft Chemical Plant
Mechanical Engineer with Texas Electric Power plant
Aerospace Engineer With NASA
System controls Engineer for Fluor
Manufacturing plant Engineer with Kraft Foods

Mechanical Engineering skills apply to all industries, the only tough choices is where you want to live and what industry to choose. I had an Aerospace minor with an emphasis in heat transfer.

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Sam’s Answer

Broadly speaking, I think the three big career fields are engineering, law, and medical. If you get a major in any of these areas, you are pretty much guaranteed to get a job, assuming you do well in school. As far as the engineering field is concerned, mechanical is a good choice, but there are many other engineering disciplines that have great job outlooks. For example, civil, electrical, and aerospace engineering. If you feel a "pull" towards mechanical engineering, I'd say go for it but be open to one of the other engineering fields because you might like it better.

Here are some nice articles summarizing the engineering job outlook for various engineering specialties. The articles are somewhat dated, but I think they are relevant in that they highlight "popular" engineering specialties.

(from 2014) http://www.forbes.com/sites/emsi/2014/09/12/the-most-in-demand-and-oldest-engineering-jobs/

(from 2006) http://job-outlook.careerplanner.com/Engineers.cfm